Our focus is for the Word of God to touch little hearts through an exciting program and personal discipleship!

Kids In Discipleship

Our Purpose is to Partner with parents to point kids to Christ.

Proclaim – God loves us, God made us, God wants to be our very best friend!

Pursue – Character building, through Bible stories, fun music, small groups and personal discipleship for each child.

Provide – Opportunities to learn and grow through skilled and trained leaders who will pour into families.

We want every child to personally experience: love, excitement, and courage.  Here are the ways we define these three experiences:

Love – We introduce a tender God who cares about each of them specifically.

Excitement – We share the message with each child that God is not boring; He is amazing to get to know and He is very involved in our lives!

Courage – We strengthen each of our kids to live out loud, for God.

Our ministry is vibrant and creative.  It provides a child the opportunity to invite their friends to learn about their Jesus.  It is filled with fun and each week we look forward to the impact we can have on the lives of kids all over the greater capital region, for the glory of God.

We want every young person to personally experience: wonder, discovery and passion.  Here are the ways we define these three experiences:

Wonder – I am created to pursue an authentic relationship with my Creator.

Discovery – I belong to Jesus Christ and define who I am by what He says.

Passion – I exist every day to demonstrate God’s love to a broken world.

These keys ultimately affect everything we do. They pull at our hearts, drive our behavior and capture our imagination. They are the levers our culture pulls, to move us emotionally, in order to appeal to our souls. But if we teach our students how to understand these experiences in the light of who they are in Christ, they will be unstoppable for God.

We will give students the opportunity to model what it means to be “others-focused” by serving in the other environments within the church as well as past the doors of the church.