Fall ICR Conference

The Institute for Creation Research's New England Conference will be Oct 4-6. Check back here for more information coming soon!


epsom Bible Church

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from our Lead Pastor

If you've been following God your entire life, you're welcome here. If you're new to faith, you're welcome here. If you're not really sure you believe in God at all, you're welcome here. No matter where you are on the road to faith, we want to walk alongside you. Our hope is that as you join us on the journey, you'll discover a God who is active, alive, and at work in your life.

We’re a gathering all about knowing our Redeemer deeper and living for Him more contagiously. We are a group of broken people who have simply handed those shattered pieces of our lives over to our Redeemer. We walk together through things, not around them. Our faith is built on a living God! Our goal, to meet needs! With joy we build our ministry on Colossians 1:28 as we proclaim Christ, pursue holiness and provide service to our church family and community.

Ric Garland | Lead Pastor

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Connecting with each other through worship to God.

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Building a healthy church by identifying with and involvement in the church.

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Intentionally committing to the Gospel in word and in action.

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