Marty Donovan

I grew up in Binghamton, New York, then attended pharmacy school in Boston where I met and married my wife Kimberly. I worked in Maryland for a time after graduation, before buying a pharmacy and settling down in Concord, New Hampshire.  Although a pharmacist, I am also a clinical nutritionist; my passion is natural medicine.  I was saved at age 28 and, although an evolutionist at the time of my salvation, I “evolved” into a creationist. I have been a member of EBC and have worshipped there for decades.  It was at EBC that I developed a high regard and love for God’s Word and the unwavering confidence that it is true from cover to cover. Kimberly and I have 4 wonderful kids and 3 terrific grandkids. I enjoy woodworking, reading, and spending more time alone with my wife, now that we have an empty nest.