Women of the Word

Tuesday / 6:30 PM – EBC & Thursday / 9:30 AM – EBC

Our focus is grabbing a cup of coffee and our Bibles and letting the Word of God do its work deep in our hearts, in order that we will be a sweet fragrance, representing a living God.

Our Purpose

Proclaim – As women we are focused on being contagious from the inside out, pointing others to our Redeemer.

Pursue – We believe God’s word does exactly what 2 Timothy 3:16 says it does. We place ourselves under that!

Provide – We are alert to needs of women who specifically study with us and provide encouragement in a variety of areas of personal, spiritual and emotional growth.

Our Goals

To enhance an awareness, and an attentiveness to the practicality of Scripture in our daily lives.  Further, our desire is to respond to it!  Here are the ways we define these three experiences:

Aware – Our days can be jammed packed. We are dedicated to being aware that our God is involved.

Attentive – We do not simply add God as a nice piece of jewelry to our lives, we are tuned into His mind and plan for us.

Responsive – We might have to take 15 minutes at a time, but we are committed to responding to the Word in actions and attitudes.

WOW impact gives women the opportunity to go into the deep end with other women, interlocking the Word with our whole being, even those tough choices. We are multi-generational with the practicality of Scripture and seek out opportunities to weave the Word into all our conversations.


Bible Studies:


A variety of times and studies are offered throughout the year in order to meet multi-generational needs of ladies!


A 12 week study beginning the week of May 2nd 

Tuesday Evenings | 6:30-8:00 | Hosted by Alice Thompson

OR Thursday Mornings | 9:30-11:00 | Hosted by Barbara Nobrega 


We are celebrating!  You might find it odd, but we are experiencing HEART surgery at EBC and we are WELCOMING IT. Our GOD is working amongst us, as He is throughout our entire church!  We’d love you to be a part of it.  It’s exciting and not an ounce of what HE is doing is boring!


With a major focus on REVIVAL – God’s people getting right with God … we are taking it yet another step deeper in our lives!  Many of you may be familiar with the intense Bible study, SEEKING HIM. Maybe you have even done it in the past.  But the SPIRIT OF GOD is flooding our hearts here at EBC, and it’s time to solidify that, honestly and courageously with others.  We are not afraid of spiritual vulnerability!  We are not independent, we are inner dependent.  We’re not playing games, we’re ready to be women of deep integrity and genuineness BEFORE OUR GOD!  IN FACT, nothing sounds more appealing!  It’s HIS personal call to us!  We will listen and respond.



A 9 week study beginning the week of June 22nd

Thursday Evenings | 6:30-8:00                 

Hosted by Louise Palmer


YOU MAY HAVE HEARD THE EXCITEMENT ripple through our hallways this past winter as many ladies studied Matthew 5-7 together!  It was such a hit, that we want to offer it again this summer!


Maybe you work during the year, but are off during the summer.  Or maybe it’s simply that your evenings open up a bit more during June, July and August.  Possibly you went through the study once, but it was so rich with truth, you’d like to absorb even more by repeating it.   THIS study will totally challenge your thinking, convict your heart and empower your walk.  Is it just what you’re looking for? We hope so!  You’ll not regret this 9 week study that will change you for eternity!

Contact the church office to order your book.

Seeking Him – $15.00

Sermon on the Mount – $14.00



Discipleship – Module 1 –

TIME SLOT:  Sunday’s starting April 23rd | 9:00-10:00 AM

Purpose:  To equip and empower those who will influence and strengthen the hearts of others through the gift of discipleship.

We have set our foundation!  Our mantra … We will first be a safe place, and then a discipling place!  Join us as we begin a five week course this Spring which will equip you with tools to begin a dynamic personal ministry of pouring into another!  Our church will never be the same!