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Our focus is fellowship and Bible Studies designed for those in their golden years; men and women who are 60 and older.  We are learners and have specific studies that continue to develop that side of us, in these years.

Our Purpose

Proclaim – God never stops calling others to Himself, no matter their age. We pray and present Christ to our senior friends.

Pursue – A living God who never stops changing our lives.

Provide – We willingly share our love, wisdom and service to those coming behind us, though we may do it, just a little bit slower.


Our Goals

We want every prime timer to personally experience these three opportunities:

Pray – We exercise new opportunities to bring an emphasis of prayer into the dailiness of our lives.

Play – We enjoy new opportunities to fellowship together and sharpen one another.

Participation – We provide new opportunities to live an exemplary life and encourage the next generation as we serve and love on others.

Our hearts are for revival.  Therefore we commit to be the generation that willingly and vocally shares their struggle with sin and their willingness to deal with it.  We will be examples.  God is NEVER done working on someone, ever, until they pass the pearly gates! We will respond to the messages and be willing to show the younger generation how to talk about God’s personal work in our lives.  We will not fear, but live out the power, love and a sound mind principles that Timothy spoke of in 2 Timothy 1:7.   

We will keep our zeal, knowing that eyes are on us, and our eyes are on our Savior.  We look past our aches and pains and focus on the needs of those, who need our wisdom.  We will believe in others!