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Intent on a focus outside the walls of our church, EBC looks for opportunities to touch lives around the world.  We live eager and ready to share the Gospel in our community and energize the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  We are a mission minded church, believing that backing others who share the Gospel is vital.

Our Purpose   


Proclaim – We’re loud about the Gospel and it’s genuine life changing message.

Pursue – We’re focused on the opportunity to back missionaries around the world, whose ministry is defined by the character of Jesus Christ.

Provide – We give financially and through prayer support to empower and enhance other’s ministries.

Our Goal

To be a spark that flames the Gospel to each grid line on the globe!

Please contact EBC if you’d like specifics on the mission boards and missionaries we support.




Epsom Bible Church (EBC) is actively committed to the Great Commission in a global effort to bring glory to God through evangelism and by equipping faithful disciples.  The central focus of our global effort begins right here in Epsom through the various ministries in our church.  The purpose of our local church ministries is to train and equip others (Colossians 1:28) in order to expand our mission into the surrounding local communities.  Our commitment also extends beyond our local community into the nation and around the world.   At the present time, EBC supports missionaries on every major continent around the world.


Missions application is available by clicking on the link below:

EBC Missions Application