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Welcome to EBC’s ministry to the men of our church and community. Our world distracts our attention from what is really vital, so we take the time to refocus. We are intentional on personal growth, accountability and living out Biblical principles in our homes and on the job site.  We walk shoulder to shoulder as prayer warriors and truth warriors! We will not be distracted. We will not be derailed. And if we venture off track, we will allow someone to come alongside of us, as good soldiers do!

Our Purpose

Proclaim – We are clear but compassionate on the need a man has for his Savior, daily.

Pursue – We back holiness and the strength that comes from that.

Provide – We willingly give fortitude to those who need us to lead and care for them.

Men's ministry

Our Goal

We want every man to be distinctively defined as a Jesus follower; a man who is after God’s own heart, represents his God, loves his family and strengthens his community.