Contact:  /  Attention:  Paul & Kim Sanborn

Thursdays / 6:15 – 8:00 PM  Starting September 21

Our focus is to inspire kids to be committed disciples of Christ, in an innovative and fun atmosphere.

Our Purpose

Proclaim –Jesus loved the little children as He walked the path of life. We introduce kids to this loving God.

Pursue – Foundations are vital in life. We frame in kids from our church and community with the Bible and the excitement of memorizing and living it out!

Provide –We are attentive to our kids’ little hearts.  We meet their needs with intentionality.

Our Goals

We want every child to personally experience: love, excitement, and courage.  Here are the ways we define these three experiences:

Love – We introduce a tender God who cares about each of them specifically.

Excitement – We share the message with each child that God is not boring; He is amazing to get to know and He is very involved in our lives!

Courage – We strengthen each of our kids to live out loud, for God.

Our ministry is vibrant and creative.  It provides a child the opportunity to invite their friends to learn about their Jesus.  It is filled with fun and each week we look forward to the impact we can have on the lives of kids all over the greater capital region, for the glory of God.

Here are the schedules for this year:

2017-2018 Awana calendar dates

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