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GENREAL – October 13 & 14, 2017

We don’t want YOU … or your calendar ☺ … to miss out on this date! You’re about to be pampered, to worship, to learn, to laugh, to be moved to your core. This is a Friday night and Saturday, where women of all ages, 13-113, are invited to attend and gain from one another. Older ladies (113 & down), can you imagine pouring into younger women? How? Empowering them, by just sitting with someone, and believing in them! Learning together; sharing your heart and wisdom. Younger ladies (13 & up), can you imagine, being believed in? In our culture, this just isn’t happening. But it is at GenReal. Young mom, we expect this conference will refresh you deeply in the midst of your schedules and responsibilities. Career woman, do you need to be able to take a deep breath?

Ladies of all ages, seriously, THIS IS FOR YOU!

The topic we will study is the ripples of feeling “UNLOVED.” As we address the reality we can all face of feeling unloved at different times, we can spiral into other difficulties as a result of those feelings. We will have topics and messages to address loneliness, depression, sensuality, and how it cripples our ability to love others. We will uncover the depths of the love of God and connect them to the realities of these struggles of the heart. Let’s be honest, you can have a strong family, a strong marriage, and still … that one woman says something hurtful to you (it happens) and it can throw us. Or, a family member can simply look at us wrong, and attitudes flare. We live in a harsh world at times. Things grab our hearts, negatively. Let’s secure our cores together. It’s time to sense we are loved, valued, honored in God’s sight (Wow! Isaiah 43:4) and we need to learn how to practically live that out! This weekend will be about life-change, not event-change. We will have Biblical teaching that connects the dots to real life. You’ll be able to live it out after attending, no matter your age. Included: Great food, amazing worship led by a female worship team from Quebec, Canada, drama, a concert on Friday evening (an incredible band originating from Florida), multi-media presentations, moments to catch your breath and laugh together, etc.

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We can’t wait to see you there!

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