Friends and family of EBC,


Due to the COVID-19 health situation I wanted to communicate to you that the leadership of EBC has decided to move all worship services and discipleship opportunities to online only.

I know there are two sides to this discussion. Some that believe that the media is creating unwarranted hype and hysteria. The other side who have real fears of a life threatening situation.


I am sure we are all wondering why the apparent “extreme” measures are being taken in our country in addressing this virus. The answer is the strategy of social distancing that will keep us from a medical crisis.

By being aggressive in not having people congregate together in large gatherings, we will not have a peak in the virus that will overwhelm our health system that would cause life threatening situations.

The good news is that you can still join us for Sunday worship!

Join us live at the following times on our Facebook page and our website

Sunday - Kids worship service @ 10:00am

Sunday - Online worship for all ages @ 10:30am

Thursday - EBC Connect @ 7:30pm


What will not close down is our ministry and service to you. If you are in need, please let us know. As a church family, this is an opportunity for us to lock arms and walk together meeting each other’s needs and for us to reach out to our community and show the love of Christ.


Already, many of you have offered to help in any way you can to serve others in our family! I wouldn’t expect anything less from our church who loves to give in a variety of ways for His glory.


During this time, we ask that you also be mindful of your giving to the church. As you know, even though we won’t have a physical service, we need to continue to keep ministry going. You can click here to give through our website or simply drop off your envelope at church in our secure mailbox.

If you need to reach the church office you can call and leave a voicemail or you can email at


Your leadership team loves you and we are praying that God will use this crisis to bring more to Himself.


Garry And Sandy Barnes

Jamie and Sarah Cotelleso

Marty and Kim Donovan

Kevin and Barbara Fisher

Ric and Ellen Garland          

Ryan and Audrey Prout

Jeff and Karen Davis

Here is more information on Coronavirus, if you are interested.

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

World Health Organization.

EBC update on covid-19