discipleship seminar series

Discipleship is a critical part of the church, yet it is so misdefined and misunderstood.  If we can get this part of our church in order, it could stir up revival and allow us to reach more for the glory of God.

This event is offered once a year and is a 12-week course that is taught in 3 phases.

1.  Biblical Life Strategy - How to live Biblically

2. Biblical Life Plan - How to live your life on purpose

3.  Biblical Life on Life - How to take who you are and imprint yourself on another.

They are all connected, and build off each other.

We will start on Monday, January 11 and end in April.

This is an intensive class taught by Pastor Ric and Ellen.  There is required homework.  In order to graduate from the class, you can only miss two weeks but you need to make them up via media.

The size of the seminar will be limited so you need to register early.  We will teach it again annually.

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