Contact:  /  Attention:  Ellen Garland/Dawn Covill

Welcome to EBC’s ministry to the ladies of our church and community.  We’re a strong yet tender group!  A multi-generational focused ministry, where needs of women are concerns of ours.  We cling to the Word of God for the answers to the issues of our hearts!  We connect the dots between Scripture and daily life.  We are energized by the faith of others, who know, we are not called to be independent but interdependent with one another.  We give each other courage, strength and hope and together, we deepen our roots in Christ.

Our Purpose

Proclaim – We cling to the truth, our daily need of a Savior!

Pursue – We study for a holy and contagious excitement of walking intimately with God.

Provide – We care and give service to those who we connect with, while lifting their eyes up towards Heaven, with a hope and confidence in the Redeemer.


Our Goal

We want every woman to no longer feel alone, but confident there is someone walking next to them.